1st Appointment of innovation

Transparency and professionnal relations, an opportunity “

At Event team, in partnership with Vista agency, would be pleased to welcome you on Thursday 28th May 2015 for the transparency and the professionnal relations management exchange meeting.

The Health system modernization Act, disclosure, EFPIA Code, events organization, process optimization, budgetary control….Face up to these many stakes require to take on board all the transparency’s stakeholders, both within the pharmaceutical companies (sales, marketing, regulatory, finance, legal, …) and also in their service providers.

Since « Loi Bertrand », challenges to meet are more and more. How face up to it and take advantage of this context to make a profit from it ?

Ours various stakeholders Consultants, Vista agency event, legal experts, project managers, pharmaceutical companies, will share experiences and way forward  to make transparency an opportunity.