A range of software programmes accompanied by a unique service offering !

The Atrium collaborative platform, dedicated to the health sector, offers a global response to event management processes and to local and international requirements relating to transparency (EFPIA, Sunshine Act, French DMOS and Bertrand Act)

A collaborative platform

Atrium covers all the actions and interactions with health-care professionals impacted by transparency requirements: casual and structured professional relationships, Conferences, Symposiums, Clinical trials, etc.

Our solution is designed for pharmaceutical and animal health laboratories, manufacturers of medical devices and also the cosmetics industry.


Atrium can make all the obligatory declarations required of all health-care professionals taking part in activities governed by the French DMOS legislation. Concerning transparency, for the publication of actual post-event declarations Atrium can generate contracts for health-care professionals and organizations and ensure their publication within 15 days from date of signature.

Atrium is linked directly to the French Health Company Transparency site (Transparence Santé, section Entreprises) via the Canal Web service. Ennov Event has created the necessary interfaces to ensure that its Atrium software can transfer data automatically to the single health transparency site.

Up-to-date technologies

Developed using the latest technologies on the market, Atrium is a multisupport system (PC, Mac, IOS, Android, Windows mobile, etc.), available for use at any moment.

The flexible parameter settings of Atrium allow Ennov Event to develop a single version for all its clients, thus ensuring that the solution will be stable and long-lasting.

Atrium Congress

Event management
Congresses, In-house events,
Training courses, Symposiums
Atrium Space

Atrium PR

Management of professional
meetings in the field, normal
everyday relationships
Atrium PR